While many physicians are already using Cloud services, there are some who have feelings of uncertainty, and fall prey to ancient perceptions regarding how the Cloud works and what it’s all about.

Some people are hesitant, when it comes to sending out important data on the Cloud, because they don’t feel that they’re in control of the data when they can’t see where it exactly goes.

The lack of trust for Cloud environments ensues due to hopes of clinging on conventional systems, workflows and processes; which are contrary to everything that Cloud Electronic Health Record software have brought to the Healthcare industry.

The fear of embracing change has rendered many physicians across the country to continue using paper charts at their practices. It can be established that these physicians are in a state of denial by not wanting to get on the EHR bandwagon. They don’t understand what the Cloud has to offer and I feel there has not been enough effort made by the industry as a whole to promote the benefits of Cloud technology. So let us try and understand what ‘Cloud’ means, and what cloud technology offers physicians.

Physicians, who have already adapted to modern healthcare technology such as Electronic Health Record software, need no guidance to tell them the benefits they are currently deriving. However, we can analyze the results these technologies have bestowed upon lucky practices.

Michael. A. Mark, M.D, like most physicians, initially had serious reservations about using EHRs. He had no idea what Cloud technology was or how it worked. “I never knew what this Cloud technology did, sure I had read about I.T companies utilizing it, but I did not get how it would help me” he stated. Turns out, a well known Health IT vendor contacted him, and thoroughly explained to him what the Cloud was and how other physicians were using it to their advantage. “The benefits were phenomenal, when I heard that I would be able to store, access and retrieve all my data from practically anywhere in the country with just an internet connection and a computer, I was delighted. There have been so many instances when I had to travel in emergency back to my practice, just to see detailed patient information”.

For any physician, the benefits of Cloud EHR software include:

  1. Increased accessibility of data
  2. Cost reductions by not having to purchase hardware
  3. More time for physicians to see patients
  4. Better resource allocation
  5. Greater flexibility

Michael had it right. The benefits of Cloud, used in conjunction with EHR are unparalleled when it comes to streamlining and spearheading clinical, administrative and financial workflows at the practice.


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