EHR review and resource website Software Advice recently profiled CureMD customer Dr. Ahsen Sheikh of Genesis Internal Medicine. Software Advice is dedicated to demonstrating how software like EHRs can deliver meaningful value to medical practices, with specific examples to back up that assertion. They turned to Dr. Sheikh for a case study to find out just how his EHR improves his practice.

One important factor that set Dr. Sheikh up for early success was his decision to use an EHR from the beginning. Before he opened his Internal Medicine practice, he had decided paper-free was the way to go. Dr. Sheikh set about looking for a Web-based, easy-to-use system with e-prescribing and lab integration – and that’s how he found CureMD.

Dr. Sheikh says CureMD’s customer service and quick setup made it easy to get a smooth start. CureMD offered training sessions for his staff, which helped everyone get up-to-speed with the system. Training sessions covered all aspects of the software, so that staff could be familiar and comfortable with using features by the time they started seeing patients.

Additionally, CureMD’s digital templates have proved a valuable tool for Genesis. For example, for existing patients, Dr. Sheikh uses a template that auto-populates information gathered in previous appointments to fill in history, medication lists, etc. Dr. Sheikh also points out that aside from making the patient visit smoother, the digital charting also reduces the chance for errors caused by misplaced files or misread handwriting.

CureMD’s e-prescribing functionality also saves both Dr. Sheikh and his patients time. When he enters the medication into the EHR, it automatically sends the prescription to the pharmacy of the patient’s choice. The patient doesn’t have to make a trip to drop off the script.

Genesis is also working on integration between their CureMD system and the hospital and labs they work with most frequently. This will mean that, for example, orders for blood work will be sent electronically to the lab along with a patient’s information. As with e-prescribing, digital orders will save a patient time and eliminate the possibility for errors with handwritten notes.

CureMD also provides educational materials for patients. Their module makes it easy for Dr. Sheikh to engage his patients in their own care by providing them information about their condition or treatment plan. CureMD also features a patient portal where patients can go online to access their medication lists, diagnoses, upcoming tests, and other medical information.

Ultimately, the elimination of paper charts saves Dr. Sheikh money. Because he doesn’t have to dedicate office space to storing files, Genesis Internal Medicine saves $10,000 a year by using CureMD.

Perhaps the overarching benefit for Dr. Sheikh is that CureMD lets him access patient information on the go. All of the features he finds valuable, he can access anywhere with an Internet connection. This helps him do his job better. “Patient care is the most important thing to me,” he explains. “CureMD allows me to have all of my patients’ information at my fingertips so I can provide them with the best possible care I can.”

Genesis Internal Medicine

Dr. Ahsen Sheikh, MD, utilizes CureMD EHR in his Internal Medicine practice. Because he doesn’t have to dedicate space and funds to storing paper records, Genesis saves $10,000 a year. And CureMD’s anywhere-access to patient information means Dr. Sheikh can provide the best possible care to his patients. Software Advice, an independent website that reviews and provides research on electronic health record (EHR) solutions, conducted an in-depth independent case study of Dr. Sheikh’s practice. Read the full case study here:


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