How many of you out there find EHRs difficult to use and un-adaptive to your daily workflow?

How many practice managers have given up on their physicians transitioning to electronic systems because they do not make any sense?

How many of you have reconciled with the idea of bearing government penalties in 2015 because there is no EHR out there good enough for you to go paperless?

If you identify with any of the above situations, CureMD’s next generation EHR “Version 10g” might be the answer for you.

A system designed by incorporating customer feedback and best practices by all major Health IT vendors, CureMD Version 10g is indeed the complete package. The only completely integrated, 100% cloud based Electronic Health Record and Practice Management System now also boasts of the best User experience in the market!2

Role based modules built for simpler navigation within the system, real time meaningful use compliance dashboard; automatic coding functionality will now be complemented by a simpler one step e-prescription module and a much easier clinical data entry.

To match our competitor’s flair for beautiful architecture, the system will also have the option for you to set your own color scheme. However, like some of our competitors 10g is not all beauty with little to no substance. In fact, it meets a higher standard of interoperability than most vendors out there. Physicians will now be able to share summary of care documents with other physicians across multiple health IT vendors. Patients will have access to their complete clinical summary through the transition of care document in their patient portal. Patient portal in itself will be a free platform provided to all CureMD customers to further enhance patient engagement and to develop their practice’s web presence with the portal substituting it as their practice’s website.

Plus, unlike other vendors who bind you with a set of generic provider note templates; we will continue to create your customized specialty templates free of cost.

13The best part —- This upgrade is free for all existing users and will come with no additional charges for new customers! So far all of you hesitant to go paperless or trapped with costly EHR vendors, CureMD Version 10g is worth checking out.

Stay tuned to this blog to learn more about CureMD Version 10g. In the next blog we will compare Health IT pricing.
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