Doctors have to work for over 20 hours a day. If you are a specialist, your working hours might be short, but life isn’t any easier.

Doctors, here is a list of funny moments from your lives. Let us know if you identify with them. Do share some of your own with us.

  • You simply detest sitting through medical TV shows, but if you have to – in order to spend time with your family – you shout every time a medical terminology is misused or pronounced incorrectly. Finally, your family asks you to leave the living room.
  • You have been running your practice for over a couple of decades, during which time you have attended your patients’ weddings and funerals – making them more of a family than your own.
  • Time has never been your ally. You are multitasking to save time for a nap; like having a sandwich for lunch in toilet. Sometimes, your fight against time forces you to take a nap while you stand listening to the nurse reading out the patient’s charts.
  • Socialization is the bane of your life. Many a times you have experienced yourself enjoying a beautiful night, sipping your martini with vintage jazz music playing in the background. Out of nowhere, one of your patients emerges and forces you to engage in deep conversation about his stool’s shape and color.
  • Spending time with family is a luxury most doctors can’t afford. But when you do stay back home, you want your family around you the whole time. Then you hear your children questioning your spouse, “Does that mean we have to change our plans for a movie and stay at home?”
  • Doctors like other professionals would like to leave their legacy behind. So, when you see your young ones pulling out their toy medical set and playing “doctor, doctor” with their friends, your world could not be more perfect.
  • An airhostess calls for a doctor and you sheepishly look around for a response before coming forward.
  • You are the only person in the 21st century that still uses a pager

Now for some Generation Y doctors…

New age doctors have certain peculiar habits and behavior that distinguishes them from yesteryear doctors of Generation X. Let’s see how.

  • While diagnosing a patient with chronic disease, you use the word “chillax” to calm your patient down.
  • Environment in an operating room can be pretty boring before the actual fun that is the surgery begins. In order to keep yourself busy you prefer to play Words With Friends on your iPad and not Sudoku.
  • You don’t have to prove your credentials anymore. So, instead of your degrees and diplomas, you will hang pictures of your latest vacations in the Bahamas or in the Far East.
  • Smallpox, Polio, Tuberculosis, Measles – you have never come across a single patient suffering from these diseases in your career as a doctor.
  • You carry more gadgets and present on social media sites than a regular American teenager.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, then it’s time to rejoice as you must be doing a great job as a doctor!

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