To say that technology is helping improve our health would be an understatement. It has a much bigger impact than that. It is transforming our lifestyles – the way we eat, drink, sleep, breathe, walk, run and the micro movements we make during our sleep – are all being shaped by technology in a way that we could never imagine before. We no longer need bulky heart rate monitors since our headphones are capable of that. Our children cannot lie to us anymore whether they brushed their teeth in the morning because their toothbrush will automatically inform us of their dental health every day. Our smartphones are becoming more hygienic and capable of telling us the exact amount of sun exposure we need next time we visit the beach.

This is what technology is capable of. It can provide us with authentic and real-time information about our own bodies – all without the need of any physician or nurse. About 20 years back, we wouldn’t have imagined knowing our blood pressure without the assistance of medical practitioners but now we can do it right within the comfort of our homes.

Let’s discuss some more health gadgets that are shaping our future.


Google Contact Lenses

Good news for diabetics! Technology giant Google is developing contact lenses which are capable of measuring a diabetic’s glucose levels through his/her tears. No more pin pricks, no more test strips and no more electronic readers. All you need to do is to wear these lenses and they will be able to tell you blood sugar levels in your body every second. To sweeten the deal, Google is putting small LED lights in them which flash automatically when your glucose level increases or decreases sharply.

Diabetes is a chronic problem and affects every one in 19 people across the globe.

Kolibree toothbrush

This one would be a favorite for dentists – and indeed a big step from the Justin Bieber singing toothbrush. This smart toothbrush is capable of recording every brush stroke, how long have you brushed and whether you are brushing in the right places. It comes with an accompanying smartphone app and sends your dental report to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Withings Aura

This has to be our favorite device. It is built for people suffering from insomnia. It comprises of two parts – a sensor that goes under your mattress and a lamp and audio system for your bedside table. The way it works in ingenious. The sensor under the mattress tracks body movements, heart rate, breathing, motion and even micro movements we make during our sleep. The bedside lamp senses noise pollution, lighting, room temperature and can automatically adjust the ambient light in your room to match with your sleeping patterns.

It provides detailed information about your sleep and the alarm uses various lights to help trigger release of melatonin – the sleep hormone. It then automatically produces soft sounds to wake you up subtly when you are about to wake up. This device will know what type of sleep you are in and will start waking you up within 30 minutes of your alarm – without letting you oversleep.

LG heart rate headphones

These headphones use the blood flow into the external part of an ear to provide heart rate and oxygen consumption data via Bluetooth. Wearable gadgets have recently picked up pace and there are numerous options available in the market to choose from. However, these smart headphones are built to work not only for an average human being, but also for athletes, runners and other sports enthusiasts.

Netatmo wristband

This device is another wearable gadget which will help a lot in preventing skin cancer. As the name suggests, it is worn on a wrist and through its embedded UV sensor under its hood, automatically sends information on your smartphone about the sun exposure you are getting. This is helpful for people who are not sure what the right amount of sun exposure is and can even take information based on your skin type.

Although the list of such devices goes on and on, these particular ones are our favorite since they have the potential to make our lives simpler, healthier and more productive.


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